ISSUE 2 COVER PANEL 1 Introducing the brilliant scientist Ryoko, pictured floating in space above the Earth with debris all around her and moon in the distance behind her. NOTES This cover was produced at the same time as Issue 1's cover as it became apparent that the story was switching points of view every 30 pages.

PAGE 31 PANEL 1 A picture of the titular Kamigen island, covered in man made structured in contradiction of its first issue paradise appearance. RYOKO / NARRATOR After 50 years of living in harmony with our island, a terrible threat changed everything. PANEL 2 Three thematic graphics are shown - a fractal of skulls with skulls for eyes, an armed gangster, a soldier and a broken guitar. JIM / NARRATOR Our ancestors suffering all but a memory, we put our fate back in the hands of killers... and worse. NOTES The second issue is set a few months after the first and reveals the changes to the island since humanity could no longer safely live at sea.

PAGE 32 PANEL 1 The tropical jungles of Kamigen are deforested and excavated by a number of vehicles. A number of construction workers are going about their duties on the site. RYOKO / NARRATOR During his trial, Jim explained - he created the monsters to force us to settle the island and build cities once more. NOTES This entire page is dedicated to environmental destruction - a contributing factor to climage change in our world today.

PAGE 33 PANEL 1 An image of a young man fishing for his lunch off the side of his house boat. A seagull flies around near his boat, hoping to spot an opportunity for a meal too. RYOKO / NARRATOR We are exiles from our old way of life now. PANEL 2 Narration only panel, no graphics. RYOKO / NARRATOR The "really smart" people were given a new task, to find out the original of the water comet that drowned the planet. NOTES After generations were born and raised on the sea, it's the way of life that people are used to. The idea of building settlements on the one piece of land they have scares them.

PAGE 34 PANEL 1 The graphic is a scientific report detailing different observations about the moon. RYOKO / NARRATOR In ancient times, we went to the moon but nothing came of it. LUNAR SURVEY REPORT Geological: Huge new fissures across entire lunar surface. Chemical: All the helium is gone. Nuclear: Irradiated carbon points to massive helium flash, matches mass lost Closing: A force beyond our comprehension is causing the moon to act as an interstellar water magnet. Recommend urgent study. RYOKO / NARRATOR Now we're going back, to get answers. NOTES This page was inspired by mixed media stories like Bram Stoker's Dracula which used fictional newspaper stories and other documents to weave the story.

PAGE 35 PANEL 1 A computer generated representation of a new water comet heading towards Earth. RYOKO / NARRATOR Over 200 years after the first comet, another was detected by our most advanced sensors. RYOKO / NARRATOR Due to our monster problem, we will have no where to run if Kamigen Island sinks. NOTES This page is a bit like a film scene rather than the characters view of the comet. They're likely looking at more complex information.

PAGE 36 PANEL 1 Silhouettes of fewer people than originally shown in Issue 1, depicting the reduced population in the Kamigen setting. RYOKO / NARRATOR Ten million lives are counting on this mission. PANEL 2 The cockpit window of the spacecraft the scientists are on is shattered by space debris. The moon is seen in the distance as air leaks out and the ship begins to fall apart from other debris impacts. RYOKO / NARRATOR Before we hit that space debris, I really thought we had a chance. NOTES The second panel here needs a bit more setup elaborating on the people embarking on this mission and introducing a few of Ryoko's colleagues that perish here to give the scene more weight.

PAGE 37 PANEL 1 Surrounded by the debris of her shredded spacecraft, Ryoko is alone in space floating over the Earth. RYOKO / NARRATOR I'm Ryoko. They said I was paranoid, putting on a suit for this journey. RYOKO / NARRATOR Now if I don't find a way to get to the moon, the human race will go extinct! NOTES It's not clear in this single panel but the debris that destroyed the spacecraft has already quickly moved on from this area.

PAGE 38 PANEL 1 Looking out from Ryoko's space helmet and digital overlay, we see the space of a man made structure in the distance. SPACE SUIT ALERT IFF Signature Detected. Sending SOS... RYOKO / NARRATOR Is that a... a spacecraft? But we just lost the only one... PANEL 2 A beam of energy from the space station has ensnared Ryoko and begins pulling her in. RYOKO / NARRATOR No... that's a space station! And now it's pulling me in! NOTES The space mission Ryoko was on was the first one in generations so there shouldn't be a space station up here, according to her perspective.

PAGE 38 PANEL 1 Having boarded the space station unwillingly, Ryoko is greeted by a cheerful stranger in an orange mirror of her own space suit. JACK Welcome to Helios Station! Sorry... Trust me. I can't explain any of what I'm about to do... we're both out of time. PANEL 2 A close up of Jack reveals his name badge and the Helios Station badge. The station's symbol is an icon of the sun. JACK Your space suit's fusion generator... swap with me... Mine's renewable. NOTES Jack is in possession of langenium, which is a unique artificial mineral that can emit electricity with accumulated sunlight. Ryoko's suit has a deuterium power source.

PAGE 38 PANEL 1 The airlock behind Jack is slowly opening, but not at the normal speed the doors would open if the system was doing it. RYOKO How are they compatible? Ryoko is shocked that not only do their space suits look alike, Jack is suggesting they can easily swap power sources. JACK Stand over here for me will you? PANEL 2 The airlock behind Jack is now halfway open and an approaching figure in the distance begins to call his name. HELIOS STATION A.I. Launching escape pod! WERP Jaaaack... RYOKO Wait! No! NOTES A missing in between panel here is Jack pressing a button and the escape pod hatch slamming down on Ryoko, which is they have different backgrounds in the second panel.