Pages 125-128 are out!

16 October 2021

The crisis in Mambajao 2 continues as Nick races against the clock.

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Reclaiming the lost Visayan culture

30 September 2021

The mythology of Visayan culture featured a diverse pantheon of unique indigenous deities, some of whom are featured as characters in the Kamigen comics.

This project is dedicated to our lost culture, hoping to make a positive contribution to the growing knowledge and awareness of indigenous issues in the Philippines.

Pages 121-124 are out!

29 August 2021

The time has come - four fully coloured pages have been produced and posted on the Issue 5 page.

We are hoping to have the next set out within 2 weeks and by October 1st at the latest.

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Late August Production Update

27 August 2021

It's been a while since we've posted so here's a quick rundown of what's been going on behind the scenes!

The Kamigen Comics and Game are in heavy production so apologies we've not had time to keep the website up to date.

Issue 4 is complete!

17 February 2020

It's finally here - the final 5 pages of Issue 4 and the Issue 5 cover have been added.

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Merry Christmas Kamigen Fans!

24 December 2020

This is a 4 page release to thank your, dear fans, for being patient.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season, see you next year!

What happened to Team Jim

30 October 2020

Anak, Jim and Nick crashed into the ocean and seemed to perish. Sumpoy certainly thinks they did.

Find out what happened in the latest pages of Issue 04.

The story continues in pages 104-107

15 October 2020

After a near 3 month wait, the next pages of Kamigen are out!

Makaptan and Sumpoy are ready to take on Jim, Nick and Anak when they return from Shangri-lah in Issue 04.

Over 100 pages of Kamigen are out!

21 July 2020

This is a pretty special extra large release at 5 pages which has pushed the series to 103 pages.

What mysteries lie waiting in Shangri Lah waiting to be discovered? Find out in Issue 04.

The first pages of Issue 04 are out!

20 June 2020

The story is finally starting to come together, our characters have a number of different agendas and upcoming storylines. Check out Issue 04 now!

Issue 03 is complete!

2 June 2020

In the epilogue of issue 03, the final fate of the Ancient Visayans and all the survivors of Bulawan is finally revealed. Our story is ready to continue in the present, so come on and finish off Issue 03.

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