Over 100 pages of Kamigen are out!

21 July 2020

This is a pretty special extra large release at 5 pages which has pushed the series to 103 pages.

What mysteries lie waiting in Shangri Lah waiting to be discovered? Find out in Issue 04.

Issue 04 continues in pages 95-98

4 July 2020

Jim and Nick are in serious trouble - Makaptan is sending their entire force of genetic monsters at them. Find out what happens next over in Issue 04.

The first pages of Issue 04 are out!

20 June 2020

The story is finally starting to come together, our characters have a number of different agendas and upcoming storylines. Check out Issue 04 now!

New character sheets - Bulawan Dakong Umang

24 May 2020

After the humans abandon the city, the Umang combine to form this single entity.

This beast has mastered all the wonders of the city except the Ibalhin device, which remains sealed deep inside its structure.

New character sheets - Anak and The Visayans

24 May 2020

Introducing some concept art for Issue 04, Anak and The Visayans. Anak will be the cover character for Issue 04 and will play a part in the next phase of the main timeline.

Within the Kamigen lore, a number of other ancient civiisations will be seeded by Bulawans survivors including the Visayas region of the Philippines.

New characters - Ang Mata and the Umang

14 April 2020

Introducing the Umang swarm and their master - Ang Mata. These infosheets are a critical part of the writing process. It's been more challenging than expected to shift the setting back to pre-history.

There are other character sheets but I'm holding off sharing them until their phase of the story is executed as it contains spoilers. For those really keen, you can find them on Github.

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